Why should I decommission my office furniture?

Why Should I Decommission My Office Furniture?

The Benefits of Furniture Decommissioning for the Environment and Community

Office decommissioning is the process of breaking down workstations and removing them to be reused, re-cycled or re-purposed. This process happens when an office is re-locating or shutting down entirely. Often, this old furniture is no longer needed by the business and decommissioning helps to keep it out of the landfill, giving it a new lease of life and a new home.

What is the Decommissioning Process?

Furniture to be decommissioned is dismantled, photographed and loaded for transportation back to our warehouse. We complete an inventory of your excess office furnishings. Once in the warehouse, we clean each piece and inspect parts to ensure nothing is broken. If in good condition, these items retain value and can be re-purposed and re-used avoiding the landfill.

Our aim is to avoid contributing to the landfill as much as possible. Any furniture that cannot be reused and is made from metal, aluminum or steel, is sent for recycling. If a workstation is in good condition, but a little outdated, we’ll refurbish and upcycle with fresh fabric surfaces and a new coat of paint.

Benefits of Furniture Decommissioning for the Environment and Community

Furniture decommissioning has so many fantastic benefits. Not only do we take care of the heavy lifting, we also provide a detailed strategy for your decommissioning project. More benefits include:

  • A high demand for eco-friendly furniture. Covid-19 created problems for importing new items. Decommissioning allows us to stock great furniture, ready for re-sale
  • It’s an affordable solution. Our specialist project managers will save you time and money
  • An environmental impact diverting 98% of surplus office furniture away from the landfill
  • We handle the whole project from dismantling furniture, transportation, storage and re-purposing for re-sale

How Does Furniture Decommissioning Help the Local Community?

Much of our decommissioned furniture is offered to non-profit organizations. We believe in giving back and supporting our non-profit partners with valuable, in-kind donations, that have an environmentally friendly impact. We love to serve our local community first and always ensure they get first choice of any re-purposed and recycled quality furniture.

Why Should You Invest in Decommissioned Office Furniture?

Purchasing decommissioned furniture keeps it out of the landfill and gives you great furniture at affordable prices. The positive environmental impact is huge, reducing carbon emissions produced during the manufacturing process and disposal, plus reducing the demand for timbers, metals and plastics. You can feel good about helping the environment and contributing to the economy by supporting a company that gives back.