Decommissioning, Liquidation & Office Relocation Services Salt Lake City

If you’re moving offices in Salt Lake City, you’ll need to return the space to how it was before you moved in. Professional office space decommissioning is essential to satisfy the demands of the landlord as per your leasehold agreement.

Corporate Interiors has helped thousands of business owners with office furniture decommissioning, office liquidation sales and office relocation services. We know what is expected and can move, refurbish or dispose of your office fittings and equipment in an environmentally responsible way.

Salt Lake City Office Decommissioning Services

Are you moving to a bigger office? Or do you plan to revamp your current office? We can help and will provide a dedicated move manager to take care of office furniture liquidation and relocation. We provide:

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Office Furniture Decommissioning in Salt Lake City

We de-commission all types of office and corporate environments in an eco-friendly manner. Our team will sell, recycle, refurbish or donate your unwanted items. The office furniture decommissioning process includes:

Salt Lake City Office Relocation Services

Relocating to a new office in Salt Lake City, Utah is a stressful time! The good news is, the Corporate Interiors team can handle the whole move from start to finish for you. Contact us for a free quote today.