FAQs – Decommissioning & Liquidation

Do you have office furniture to liquidate? Corporate Interiors decommission all types of offices and business environments in an eco-friendly way, giving unwanted furniture a new home. Here are some frequently asked questions about our decommissioning and liquidation services.

Corporate Interiors Group offers office decommissioning services nationwide throughout the United States of America. Although we are headquartered in Denver, we have an extensive track record of servicing our many clients throughout the country.

Corporate Interiors is an experienced decommissioning and liquidation company with a focus on environmental sustainability. We don’t just take your old furniture to the tip, we aim to reuse and recycle as much as we can. And our fees are often less or equal to the hire of a dumpster, plus we do the heavy lifting for you.

Corporate Interiors leverages a unique re-distribution strategy that diverts 98% of your office furniture and equipment away from the landfill. Our goal is to minimize the waste in landfills and generate valuable in-kind donations for non-profit and charitable organizations. We photograph all your furniture to be decommissioned and advertise it to our nationwide network. Any items that are not salvageable are broken down and the parts recycled where possible.

We only resell pre-owned furniture that is in excellent condition. All furniture will be taken to our warehouse facility to be cleaned, sanitized and repaired if necessary. Much of this furniture is sold on our website and through our email list. Many pieces will be offered to non-profit organizations. If something can’t be sold or re-used, we’ll dismantle it and recycle as many parts as we can.

You can call or email us with your requirements. Include; office location, preferred date and time for decommission, details of the building condition (stairs, floors, size, are there lifts etc). One of our expert team will call you back to discuss and arrange fully.

To successfully remove your office items smoothly, we need to arrange the manpower, trucks and logistics. This means needing to know; what floor your office is on, how many stairs and how wide the area is, whether there is an elevator or ramps and any other building specifics that may affect moving large pieces of furniture. We need to know what access there is for trucks to take equipment away and for dumpsters if necessary. Also, Corporate Interiors needs to know if entrance is restricted at certain times or days of the week.

The earlier you connect with us and describe what you need, the better. Some large decommissions, take a lot of manpower and organization. If you are working to a lease deadline, contact us at least 3 months in advance. For smaller decommissions 30-60 days in advance is ideal.

We don’t buy small amounts of furniture as it’s usually unprofitable for us to do so. It would take a large amount of labor, time and truck space which brings little in return. Try selling your items on niche marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo and others.