FAQs - Office Relocation

Are you moving your office to a new location? The Corporate Interiors team can help from the planning stage right through to moving you into your new premises. We’ll assign you a dedicated move manager who’ll take the stress from your shoulders. Because communication and planning is key, having one point of contact for you, makes things a little easier. Here’s some common questions we get asked about our office relocation services.

Fixed pricing instead of hourly billables, customized proposals that take into account the exact number of workstations and every individual fixture and furnishing to be decommissioned, lean corporate structure passing the savings down to you, the customer.

Yes, multiple project managers are located across the country at any one time and can travel out to any project site across America. Our flexibility and adaptability are some of the key drivers behind the long-standing success of Corporate Interiors Group.

Corporate Interiors Group is a one-stop-shop when it comes to the decommissioning of any office. From workstations to cabling and furniture solutions, Corporate Interiors Group will have your site decommissioned with the utmost professionalism at an unbeatable price.

We assign all our new clients a dedicated move manager who’ll work with you closely from beginning to end. Your move manager will meet with you to plan the logistics of your move. Next we’ll ensure every part of your move runs like clockwork, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Yes! We like to make our relocation services as flexible as possible to accommodate our clients. We often move companies after hours and on the weekends so they don’t have to lose business by shutting up shop.

Once you contact us to let us know you want to re-locate, one of our team will visit you to work out details. This includes; estimated time for the move, what needs to be moved, amount of truck space, manpower needed, new office location requirements and any other details. When we know this, we can provide you with a cost estimate for services.

It actually works out cheaper to move your office out of hours. This is because we don’t have to compete for space in the elevators and get stuck behind slow moving people on the stairs. The move should be more efficient, therefore cost less.

Yes, we can remove IT cabling safely ensuring code compliance, recycle any old electronics and move your PCs you will be keeping safely. We are experts in office removals and know how to handle important items with care and keep them protected.

Due to the extensive planning by your dedicated move manager, we’ll work around you to move at the most convenient time that causes minimum downtime. We can prioritize your data center equipment and send that ahead of the rest if needed.

Yes. We are able to disassemble all your furniture plus signage, IT cabling and equipment and any other items. Your move manager will ensure all items are listed in an inventory and reassembled to your requirements.

Yes, we can. Corporate Interiors is dedicated to reducing waste in landfills and works to refurbish, restore and re-distribute old furniture via our website and email list. We have a warehouse to store and repair items and some pieces will be donated to non-profit and charitable organizations. If furniture is unusable, we’ll dismantle it and recycle as much as possible.

Your move manager will work with your security staff where needed. We can put together a plan to move classified items with constant monitoring and securely locked trucks.

We will visit your new office space and make a plan with you, deciding where all furniture and equipment will be placed. This cuts down the work on the day as everything can be put in its preferred position immediately.

Your move manager will discuss all your packing needs with you and ensure all items are labelled and organized. If any items are fragile or extremely heavy, this is taken into consideration. Our team has moved thousands of offices and knows how to pack and transport items efficiently.

The Corporate Interiors team are highly trained to industry standards. And we don’t stop there – training is ongoing in all areas including packing techniques, safe lifting, proper move techniques, job safety and more.

Yes, our company and what we do is all covered by relevant insurance.

Your move manager will assess your new office space and where we will make entry. Steps are then taken to protect floors, door frames and any other equipment. If you need us to, we can talk to the building management to gain access to elevators, entrances, exits and loading docks.