How to Pack Fragile Items in 7 Easy Steps

Are you moving to a new office or place of business? It’s an exciting but nerve wracking time, with so much to do and organize – but so much to look forward to! One problem to face is the packing of fragile items.

Maybe you have a large amount of glassware, china, art pieces, delicate computer equipment or other fragile items. These need to be packed with care, to eliminate the chance of a breakage. Here are some top tips from re-location experts on how to pack fragile items.

1.Purchase High Quality Packing Boxes

While old cardboard boxes do the job, when it comes to delicate items, high quality boxes for purpose are worth the expense. If you don’t want to buy boxes, speak to your Denver removal specialists who may provide, or rent out packing boxes for for fragile items.

2.Surround Each Item with Bubble Wrap

Breakable items like glass and chinaware, plus expensive tech equipment need to be protected with bubble wrap. This bubble wrap needs to be wrapped around each item several times and secured with tape.

3.Add Cushioning to the Bottom of Each Box

Each fragile item box needs to have a layer of cushioned material such as more bubble wrap, foam, packing paper, Styrofoam peanuts or soft towels. If multiple items are in the box, fill in the gaps with extra cushioning.

4.Give Yourself Enough Time

It’s important to have enough time to pack fragile items. If you leave it to the last minute and rush to get it done, you may end up breaking something before it’s even been moved! Delegate the fragile item packing to certain team members and give them enough time to get the job done without cutting corners.

5.Mark all Fragile Boxes Clearly

Packing fragile items carefully isn’t enough. You need to let the removal team know which boxes need careful attention. If your fragile boxes get tossed in with heavy loads, they won’t be in one piece very long! Use black markers or stickers to write ‘Fragile’ on each box and keep these boxes separate from the rest.

6.Insert Packing Paper into Hollow Items

Another top tip for fragile item packing is to insert packing paper into hollow items. This softens vibrations when on the move and reduces the likelihood of items moving about.

7.Invest in the Services of Re-Location Experts

Re-location services provided by Corporate Interiors are run by experienced professionals. Each team member has years of experience moving large and small businesses all over the country. In that time, they’ve handle hundreds of fragile items and know the best practices to move valuable equipment with care. Don’t hesitate to reach out, if you have any more questions about moving fragile items.