7 Ways to Make Your Office more Eco-Friendly and Efficient

An eco-friendly office is not only great for the environment, but it can increase the productivity of workers by up to 15% and reduce sickness by 30%. Workers spend a good deal of their time in the office, so it makes sense that a nice environment should have a positive impact.

Green efforts in the office can also go a long way to trimming expenses in the long run. The common misconception is that going green is expensive. While some green upgrades cost, the reduction in future energy bills save money in the future.

1.Ditch the Single Use Cups

Single use cups are often made from plastic or Styrofoam which is not biodegradable. These can spend years in landfills and then end up in oceans. Provide regular cups for staff or encourage them to carry a reusable bottle or thermos to stay hydrated.

2.Print Double Sided

Aim to print double sided where possible. If you print frequently, this can cut down your paper wastage by half. And recycled paper is the greenest option and is extremely high quality. It looks and feels just like high quality printer paper, but is made from recycled products. If you can, move away from printing on paper altogether and start using digital document management systems.

3.Purchase Green Office Supplies

While upgrading office supplies, look for eco-friendly alternatives to what you have been using. Use recycled printer paper and hand towels for the bathrooms, choose compostable cups and search for folders that are made from recycled plastic or paper.

4.Recycle or Re-use Old Office Furniture

When moving, use office decommissioning services that give unwanted furniture a new lease of life. Encourage employees to re-use old folders by changing labels and adapting them for a new project. This is not only better for the environment, but helps to cut business costs and boosts your bottom line.

5.Improve Air Quality with Plants

Plants don’t just look beautiful; they actually improve the air quality in a room. A previous study concluded that plants can eradicate up to 87% of air pollution in an office space over 24 hours. This has a huge benefit for employees, increasing wellness and productivity.

6.Motion Activated Light Switches

A huge amount of energy is wasted in office environments by leaving lights on all over the place. Motion activated light switches are a solution, saving a huge amount of energy and money in the long run. These are ideal for toilets, break rooms, conference rooms and storage spaces.

7.Encourage Eco-Friendly Commutes

Walking, cycling, carpooling and scooters are just a few eco-friendly commute options. As a business owner, encourage these options and give incentives by offering parking spaces for bikes or cash bonuses if the budget allows. Not only do these alternative travel options help the environment, they are also better for employee health.