How to Improve the Office Recycling Program for Your Company?

Does your office have a recycling program in place? Office waste recycling is extremely important to help preserve the environment. By sorting and collecting office waste, you are minimizing what goes to the landfill.

Plus, becoming known as a ‘’green’’ company is extremely good for your reputation. However, an impactful office recycling scheme is not always simple to implement. The best way forward is to start with a few tweaks to get employees onboard. Follow this simple guide to improve your office recycling program.

Audit Office Recycling Bin Locations

Do you have clearly visible recycling bins in the office? Do your employees know where they are? A good way to find this out is by doing an employee survey. You might be surprised by the answers! Many employees struggle with office recycling programs, simply because a lack of information is offered by the company. Include recycling information in monthly memos or meetings, so everyone is up to speed.

Know What Can and Can’t Be Recycled

One common recycling issue at home and at work is that people often don’t know what can and can’t be recycled. While 74% of Americans say recycling is a top priority, only 35% actually do it. And, this often comes down to the confusion of what can be recycled. Start by educating employees on what is recyclable in the office. This can be done by downloading a ‘’what goes where’’ app and having informative posters above recycling bins.

Promote Office Paper Recycling

The average office uses a huge amount of paper for memos, printing, forms, notes and letters. Implementing a paper-conscious policy is an essential part of doing your part for the environment. Encourage employees to print on both sides, purchase recycled paper and make a move to fully digitized communications as soon as possible.

Have a Dedicated Space to Recycle Office Supplies

Office supplies are wasted every day. This is often due to the lack of knowledge and not having enough space. The best way around this is to set up a dedicated office supplies recycling area. This could be a table or a cupboard, with clearly marked boxes, stating what can be recycled there. Make it simple and tell employees to check the office supply recycle space, before throwing anything away.

Investigate Recycled Products for Your Business

Many popular office supplies have a green alternative. With a little research, it’s possible to buy recycled products that are cheaper or the same price. Becoming known as a company that supports and buys recycled products, will have a hugely positive impact on future business.

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