How Office Decommissioning Services Can Save You Money

If you’re planning to move offices you have to return the space to how it was when you moved in. This can incur fines, if the landlord is not satisfied. The good news is that professional office decommissioning services are available to help you with the whole process.

Office space decommissioning includes the disposal of redundant items, packing up and moving equipment to be decommissioned, transport and storage of goods where needed and the old office returned to the state agreed with your landlord. While this service costs, it saves you money in many ways like:

Avoiding Fines and Penalties

Office space leases in the US are pretty strict. The majority will charge fines and penalties if not satisfied with how you leave the office after moving out. If you leave equipment behind, or don’t clean the space and put back light fittings for example, the landlord will fine you for the inconvenience. The solution is to use office decommissioning services who are well versed in the high standards landlords expect.

Lowering Weight of Items to Be Transported

A large cost associated with moving offices is the weight of furniture and equipment to be transported. Office space decommissioning services save you money by selling and donating old items that you won’t need in your new space.

Profit by Refurbishing and Selling On Furniture

The process of moving to a new office is a busy and stressful time. You probably have a thousand things to do and haven’t given a second thought to profiting from old furniture. This is where decommissioning services are handy, with the company taking care of re-purposing and advertising your available items to an established network.

Impact on the Environment is Reduced

Alongside saving you money, office space decommissioning diverts 98% of your surplus office equipment away from the landfill, significantly helping the planet. You can be happy in the knowledge, your old office items are not cluttering up green spaces and that much of it will live on, having been donated or sold to those who need it.

Need Office Decommissioning Services?

Now you know how office space decommissioning can save you money. If you need help with your next move, contact Corporate Interiors for swift and affordable office furniture decommissioning throughout the US. We decommission all sizes of office and corporate environments in an eco-friendly manner.