5 Ways to Incorporate Biophilic Design in the Workplace

It can be hard to get a harmonious work life balance. If you have a busy job with deadlines, it’s likely you feel chained to your office desk at times. And if you’re a business owner, you may feel like you never leave the office! This means you’re probably not spending much time out in nature.

The good news is that biophilic office designs, aim to address this problem by introducing natural elements inside, which can have a hugely positive effect on mental and physical health. Biophilic design has even been found to have restorative benefits, boosting employees wellbeing and overall happiness. Let’s take a look at how to incorporate biophilic design principles into your work space.

Scent and Light

While outside, you get covered in natural light, have a cool breeze flowing around you and you have a sense of openness. To introduce biophilic design in the office, allow as much natural light to flow as possible. And think about the smells you love out in nature. Citrus, flowers, fresh cut grass and salty sea air. Use naturally scented room diffusers to bring nature inside.

Natural Colours

Natural colours you see outside include green from fresh grass, earthy browns from tree bark, soft yellow from the blazing sun, muted beige from sand dunes and soothing blue from a summer day sky. Try to incorporate these colours into your office, instead of harsher tones such as red, which can evoke emotions such as anxiety, anger and frustration.

Soothing Imagery

Another way to incorporate biophilic design into the office is to show it. This can be done through art, murals, textured carpet that looks like moss and accent items such as unique lampshades, cushions, and nature inspired trinkets. Think about ways you can use pebbles, branches and pinecones to decorate communal office spaces.

Textured Surfaces

The earth outside is not all the same level and texture. Think about running on the sand, walking through lush grass and the feeling of waves crashing at your feet. Nature is raw and 3-dimensional and biophilic design aims to imitate this. For the office, consider organic materials such as jute, cotton, straw, leather, bamboo and faux animal skins. Plus, wood and stone are great natural materials that look and feel great.

Refreshing Greenery

The final, most obvious way, to introduce biophilic design into the workplace is with plants and greenery. Real plants not only look great, but they increase oxygen levels and have soundproofing qualities. If you have the space, consider plant room dividers or moss walls. With little space, even the addition of small potted plants to windowsills and desks can make a huge difference.

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