5 Tips to Save Money when Moving a Data Center

Data centers are the lifeblood of any business. So, when it comes time to relocate, the data centre move needs to be planned carefully to minimize disruption.

The downtime for customers and employees should be kept low, otherwise your bottom line and reputation could take a hit. This is why, taking advantage of professional office relocation services is well worth it. Follow these five tips to save money when moving a data center.

Craft a Realistic Budget

When planning your office move, craft a realistic budget. Many companies underestimate how much it actually costs to move a data centre, with prices in the thousands. Enlisting the help of an experienced move company may cost up-front, but they can save you a lot of money and headaches down the line.

Create a Move Schedule for Minimal Disruption

Moving a data centre takes time. If you try and rush the move, things can get missed, causing more downtime and extra cost. Plan to move your data centre gradually, so you can stay operational and minimize loss of earnings. Assign your dedicated move manager a list to check off, so nothing gets missed.

Analyze Your New Site and its Requirements

Before any data gets moved to the new site, analyze the location, facilities, power load, ventilation and space available. Make a clear map of how your current data center will fit into the new space. Make a list of anything you’re missing and make it a priority to get these things ahead of time, to avoid a mad scramble at the last minute.

Take Steps to Protect Your Data

Data losses can cause a huge disruption to business and a loss of revenue. Using expert office relocation services, reduces this risk. Experienced moving teams know how to move data centers and time everything perfectly to avoid loss. The packing and security of your data will also be taken care of. Even though damage is unlikely using re-location specialists, it’s always a good idea to back up important files.

Use Professional Office Relocation Services

Building up to move day, you’ll have 101 things to do. Using professional office relocation services helps to reduce stress and allows you to focus on the business. It also means the potential downtime of your data center is kept to a minimum. Whether you have a small or large office to move, an expert relocation team will ensure it goes smoothly.