5 Expert Tips to Reduce Stress During an Office Move

Moving is one of the most stressful events in your life. And moving offices can feel even more stressful, when you have to think about employees, equipment and the finances of your company. Without the right stress reducing tips, you may experience overwhelm, which is not a good feeling to have when starting afresh in a new office.

The good news is that moving offices doesn’t have to be stressful. There are many things you can do to reduce stress and move like a pro. Let’s take a look at five expert tips to reduce stress while moving to a new office.

Hire Professional Office Movers

It can be tempting to move everything in your office yourself to save money. However, this is a huge, stressful task that could end up being more trouble than its worth. Professional office movers have all the right equipment, transport and manpower to move your office fast and with ease. Reduce stress and save your back by hiring professional office movers.

Decommission Old Office Furniture

Getting rid of old equipment and furniture that isn’t serving a purpose anymore will feel great. Instead of lugging it with you for old times’ sake, use professional office space decommissioning services. This means your old furniture and equipment will be given a new lease of life and be diverted away from the landfill. Not only is this less stress for you, but you’re doing good for the planet!

Give Employees a Responsibility

Moving offices is a stressful time for employees also. Your staff may not know what is expected of them at this time, with their usual schedule up in the air. Appoint a job to all your staff members, so they can feel helpful during this busy time. This might be packing up certain bits of equipment, buying new stock or taking care of emails.

Communicate to Staff Throughout the Move

Communication is key! If you want a smooth office move, communicate with your team throughout the process. Make sure everyone knows when the computers will be turned off. Update staff on the exact move and new start up date. The more you communicate, the less chance there will be of something getting missed, causing stress levels to rise.

Make Sure the New Office is Ready to Go

It can be hugely stressful if you move into a new office and nothing is ready! Plan ahead and order new equipment and furniture where necessary and get the builders in to finish any essential jobs. Ensure all the electrical points and the WIFI system is ready to go, so you can move in and start work seamlessly.