5 Common Office Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

For companies looking to move office, planning a re-location is a daunting task. Trying to coordinate the moving of furniture, equipment, the IT infrastructure, employees and everything else takes time and effort.

But, for the most part, moving office is a happy time. Your business is re-locating and possibly expanding, opening you up to an exciting future. With a good amount of planning and coordination using office relocation services, the move should go off without a hitch. To help you on your way, take a look at these five common office moving problems to avoid.

Rushing the Move

Rushing your office move may mean overlooking important details. Equipment can be misplaced and important data lost which can effect business. Ensure you start planning your office move well in advance and assign an office move manager to coordinate everything. Use professional office relocation services for your move in California who’ll take care of the project for you.

Not Planning the New Space

If you move into a new office without planning the space to every last detail, you’ll likely end up with piles of stuff and nowhere to put it. Draw up a complete blueprint of your new office and decide where every piece of furniture and equipment will live. Employees also need to know if their new workstations will change and how operations plan to run in the future.

Not Setting a Budget

Alongside planning where equipment goes, you need to set a realistic budget. Without a budget, costs can skyrocket putting a real dent in the business finances. Research local office relocation services in San Francisco and ask for a quote. Compare prices and services offered before you make a decision. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of any lost work hours during the transition period.

Lack of Coordination

A huge challenge faced during office relocation is lack of coordination. If you have a large workforce, keeping everyone informed is a huge task. Employees need to know when to pack up, so the process doesn’t get slowed down. Corporate Interiors office relocation services offers a dedicated move manager, who can be your one point of call during the whole process.

Taking Everything with You

While you shouldn’t throw away new office equipment, it’s more cost effective to get rid of old equipment than pay for re-location and possibly storage. Office decommissioning services take your old furniture, refurbish it and find it a brand new home so it avoids the landfill. This not only helps the environment, but reduces your costs also.